Community Projects

Irish Social Enterprise Network

Founder & Chair

Social Enterprise in Ireland has a new home. We are here to help social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in getting their idea off the ground and providing the supports to grow. We are here to build a network that will change and impact their social mission as well as foster an entrepreneurial sphere of passionate and groundbreaking models of social change. We are here to:

  • Be an open and inclusive network for social enterprise social entrepreneurs and social innovators
  • Provide and direct people to supports and training
  • Help shape public policy
  • Provide visibility and a channel for telling the stories of each enterprise, innovator, and entrepreneur
  • A safe space for developing social enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators

Irish Export Cooperative

Founder & Chair

Many SME’s face high costs of exporting. Selling items online, small businesses are finding it hard to get competitive rates without guaranteeing future volumes.

‘A small business owner in Kildare sells specialised motorbike parts to the UK. It is cheaper for him to travel to Newry to post his packages than it is from Newbridge. He makes this 5 hour round trip twice a week. That’s 10 hours from his week that still saves him hundreds in delivery fees’.

Our model is simple here in the Irish Export Cooperative. By combining our volumes, we have negotiated better terms with couriers. These terms give us a competitive edge in exporting internationally. We reduce costs to increase volumes, create jobs, increase exporting for small business and get some value back into the economy at this important time in Ireland’s history.

Irish Export Cooperative has achieved discounts for their members on international delivery. These reductions amount to a highly discounted rate. For the first time, small crafts people, food producers and micro enterprises can export at an affordable cost. The implications are profound for small retailers and small medium enterprise (SME) here in Ireland

Irish US Alumni Association

Membership Secretary

The Ireland United States Alumni Association (IUSA) is supported by the U.S Embassy as part of the global alumni initiative sponsored by the U.S. State Department for Irish alumni, alumni who are resident in Ireland and other interested alumni.