Some Things I Do

Irish Social Enterprise Network

Founder & CEO

Social Enterprise in Ireland has a new home. We are here to help social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in getting their idea off the ground and providing the supports to grow. We are here to build a network that will change and impact their social mission as well as foster an entrepreneurial sphere of passionate and groundbreaking models of social change. We are here to:

  • Be an open and inclusive network for social enterprise social entrepreneurs and social innovators
  • Provide and direct people to supports and training
  • Help shape public policy
  • Provide visibility and a channel for telling the stories of each enterprise, innovator, and entrepreneur
  • A safe space for developing social enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators

Collaboration Ireland

Managing Partner

We provide Collaboration and Governance services primarily to the third sector. We offer training, mentoring, research and reporting, facilitation and collaboration oversight services.


Co-Founder The Treehouse is our lair – our home away from home. Nestled in the lush heights of the canopy, it’s our space where adventure and creativity combine. Where no two days are the same. Where we sit on our deck and explore the possibilities. Where lifegiving conversations happen at every corner. Where we roll up our sleeves and work courageously and tirelessly. Where we boldly face the world every day and challenge the status quo. Where we constantly do the impossible. Where heroism is redefined. We bring entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs and innovators and renegades under one roof to work in a diverse creative environment.