MC | Emcee | Master of Ceremonies

Chris MM Gordon is an experienced global MC focusing on real audience engagement. Whether large and vast or small and intimate, Chris has probably worked with your audience. Having a strucutured programme to ensure full participation from audience members, but being flexible for change is crucial. Chris has been engaged in hundreds of events spanning the globe and tackles each new challenge with the same rigour.


MC | Master of Ceremonies

The role of the Master of Ceremonies is to preside over a formal event or entertainment and to introduce guests, speakers, or entertainers. Chris’s audience engagement puts both speakers and audience at ease.



A moderator brings a panel discussion to a focus, bringing the aim of a session alive through candid conversation and a view to asking the questions that inspire thought and leave everyone wanting more.


Setting the tone, structuring the interactions, balancing the expectations and designing from the point of view of the user.

Speaking Engagements

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