Irish Resources for Irish Organisations

I am going through a lot of sites at the moment to figure out what is in the space for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. I used to think that there were a handful but there are quite a good number of resources available for all organisations. Not all of them are used of course, but I thought I would start compiling my own lists. This is not just so that we have another endless compilation of what can be found easily, but so that I can make sense of them all myself.


There are a lot of competitions. Not all of them have been documented completely. Banks for example, dont show off the winners of other bank awards. Something that isn’t sponsored by a state agency, clearly doesn’t need to be endorsed either. So not all lists of awards are perfect.

Web Awards – One of the most democratic of all the awards and therefore coveted, the Irish Web Awards are worth entering and even judging if you are that way inclined

Startup Awards – Hosted by Bank of Ireland and open to al startups and above, these awards are well worth entering

Business Achievers – Hosted by another bank, Ulster Bank, these awards have a cross border flavour and get good press. Definitely to be considered

Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur – A relatively newcomer to the market but always welcome, this award is for those with ideas and businesses that are under the age of 30.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year – One of the premier and most recognised awards in Ireland for Entrepreneurs and even more so around the globe, these televised awards are tough to enter and fiercely sought after. Throw your hat in the ring and see if you can make it to the telly too

For more competitions and events happening in Ireland, I’m starting to compile a list through Resources

For any others, please feel free to contact me on